Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I forgot to mention the cats! I am not sure how many we have because they are all identical. So, needless to say, they are all equally adorable. I am encouraging them to hang-out up here and be fierce with anything smaller than they are.

Last night a very grown-up spider emerged from the rafters – easily as big as my hand and particularly ugly – but he was crouched just beyond my designated loft space, so I made the decision he could stay! Ha!

I managed to convince myself that he was in his space and I am in mine and he has no reason to invade my loft. Of course this is a ridiculous argument as it presupposes the spider recognises the distinction between my loft and his rafters. It also assumes that he gives a damn. I decided not to look at him. That helped. In my favour, yesterday I did sweep my loft with a verve and ferocity that only those of you who knew me as a small child will be able to imagine. However at bedtime I was forced to fully embrace the fact that, should he choose to do so, he could in my bed in less than 30 seconds. He was almost the size of a small cat!

So it’s not surprising that, when one of the small cats jumped onto my bed just as I was dozing off, I should jump, momentarily leaving my skin, and catapult (or kick? I am not sure) the small cat off the bed and across the room. He/she retreated to the bookcase and sat and glared at me with equal parts bewilderment and hatred.

I said sorry, but you know what cats are like – it could be weeks until I’m forgiven.

And no MG4D, I am not travelling with a mosquito net, but it’s something I think I may need to acquire. Because mosquito nets are impenetrable (I believe they are made of the same fabric as Batman’s cape) to any and all monsters. That’s what I choose to believe anyway, and I don’t want any of you to tell me otherwise.


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M4GD said...

Well, acquiring a mosquito net sounds like a good sensible plan. As for the pre requisite of having the same fabric of the Batman’s Cape, I’d say Why not? Seek and you shall find: I’m sure there are some and may be they come in the prettiest shade of pink and the built-in fabric insect repellent is what else but lavender scented to turn away the scorpions too if they decided to join in with the spiders for a summer party;-) I truly admire your courage Outside-Jane. Meanwhile, Keep the cats, keep smiling, keep up your positive attitude, and let be your warning sign to leave is when you start giving our crawling friends actual names! And we, your blog followers, start asking you: How’s Freddy’s Web today? Or oops was that Charlotte’s :-)