Thursday, June 28, 2007

Habagat is coming

Sorry I haven't blogged in so long... it's been a funny time. I've been off work - which in theory means I should have more time on my hands - but somehow I've managed to stay pretty busy.

Boracay is getting quieter, which I am enjoying. There's more time to hang-out with friends. The atmosphere is a lot more relaxed - no-one's making any money, but also the pressure to make money is off for a while.

Why is it so quiet? [I hear you ask!] Well, the season is changing: it's getting humid; the rain is becoming a monsoon and there's a new wind in town.

From September to March the wind is called Amihan. Amihan comes down from the North East and is one of the reasons that Boracay is so very boralicious! Amihan keeps the temperature cool, the Kite Surfers occupied and, since it comes from 'the other side', White Beach and most of our dive sites are protected from any big waves that result.

From June to August Habagat blows up from the South West. The Habagat is hot and steamy. It comes onshore to White Beach, whipping the fine sand into a frenzy of stinging proportions. Soon all the boats will have to move round to 'the other side' to hide from it. We will no longer be able to dive off White Beach, because of the fierce waves [although apparently the reef on the other side is great].

All the restaurants and bars on White Beach are busily constructing giant wind breaks - some 10m high. I am told within a month or so the whole length of White Beach [about 6km] will be shielded from the Habagat.

Here's some pictures - it's quite surreal!