Sunday, January 14, 2007

Moving On

So today is my last day in Small Laguna and the weather's miserable! I have been anxiously patting my wet suit every hour or so, but it remains resolutely wet. Arrrggghhh! My pack weighs enough already [sob].

Had some great luck yesterday though! I did my last dive at 9, which was good but not spectacular. We went to a really nice site but, as often happens at the popular sites, it was very busy - fins everywhere!

However it was a lovely sunny day and my gear was already wet, so I decided to splash out [ho-ho] and buy just one more dive.

I asked Josh, the Divemaster, to take me a favourite site and as I hoped, he chose a place that was not in any guidebooks, we were the only boat and it was lovely. Great conditions, great visibility and lots to see. Saw a nice big octopus, eels everywhere [seriously!] and... and... wait for it!

I was looking at a little crab, just relaxing and mooching along, when I realise I can't see anyone else...

I look around and see both my buddy and Josh motionless [although practically quivering with excitement] staring at a point directly behind me.

I turn all the way round and what do I see cruising along? Only a 3 metre Thresher Shark! They're really groovy-looking! There's a pic here -

Hurrah! The first one I've ever seen and the first one that anyone from the Dive Shop had seen here in 5 years. How lucky is that! A superb way to end my visit here.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day - the joys of public transport! I'll be up at 4.30am to get the 5 o'clock Jeepney [kind of a pick-up truck. Q: How many people can fit on a Jeepney? A: Just one more!] to Calapan, from there I am hoping there might be a bus, but if not it'll be another Jeepney to Roxas [5-6 hours]. Aparently Roxas is a dump, so it would be nice if I could jump on a ferry straight away... but if not it'll be a ferry in the morning to Caticlan, followed by a Banca [small out-rigger boat] to Boracay - the most famous beach in the Philippines! Celebrated for it's white sand and beach bum culture... d'ya think i'll fit in? [Grin].

So my next post will be from Boracay... think of me in the next day or so, squashed on a truck with 43 people, their luggage and a goat!

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