Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I'm in the Philippines! It's hot and grimey [I feel right at home] and I'm so jet-lagged I'm having trouble focusing on this screen [yawn]. Woke up bright and early at 1.15am - excellent. Became convinced it must be 1.15pm and I was missing the day! Had to search my bags and find my phone to check [no, I don't know why I didn't look out of the window].

Decent flight[s] - first one was very empty, second one I sat next to a French bloke with excessive elbows. To the naked eye he appeared to have only the usual two [one in each sleeve] but every time I tried to kip he produced more from somewhere. Met a nice Indian chap in Dubai - he was on his way home to [somewhere near] Madras after studying/practising Paediatrics in Russia for 12 years. He said in the early days the Russians had nothing, could get nothing and were very nice people. Recently they can get whatever they want, but cannot afford it, as a result they are driven only by greed and are not happy anymore. I said, "welcome to the First World!"

Right, I need coffee like I've never needed coffee before [yawn]! Where am I again?

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