Friday, May 15, 2009

Several Seemingly Unconnected Incidents

In December my Dive Computer broke – a bit fell off. Fortunately, it was still under guarantee so I sent it back to the manufacturers to be repaired. I have a spare computer (my old one), which is basic but still works, and I had a spare watch.

My spare watch broke within a week. Some water got inside it and it gave up and died. So I bought a new watch. Knowing I would only need it until my computer came back (my dive computer is also a watch), I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I was delighted to find a decent underwater watch for a very reasonable price.

Last month I had to go to Belize for a few days. On the way back I met a girl on the bus who told me her life story (this happens to me more often than you might think! I am someone to whom people tell their life stories. I don’t know why: I like to think I am a good listener; but I think mainly it’s because I’m nosey and ask a lot of questions). Her life story was both fascinating and disturbing, and I may well write a blog about it – but this is not it. She asked about my watch: she wanted to buy an underwater watch but couldn’t find one she could afford. She was very impressed with the price I paid for mine and asked me if I would go back to the shop to see if they had any more. If they did, she said, she would pay the money into my account and I could buy it and post it to her. These days you’re not supposed to give people your account details – even sweet Belizean girls who believe they are, and have been raised as, the reincarnated spirit of their dead Aunt. But we exchanged email addresses and I promised I would go and look.

In the following week she sent me a number of emails asking if I had had time to go to the shop, but I didn’t make it until a week later, only to discover that they had no more. I did intend to email her immediately to let her know – but to be honest, it slipped my mind. In the mean time my Dive Computer came back, shiney and intact, which was great.

The following weekend I attended an Ashtanga Workshop, which the teacher offered as a ‘Karma Class’, because it was his birthday. So the Workshop was free (and fantastic) – and at the end of the class, he reminded us all that we should try to pass on the karma by helping someone or giving something.

So later that afternoon when my Belizean friend contacted me on Messenger it seemed clear what I should do. I explained that I couldn’t buy her the watch, because there were no more, but that if she gave me her postal address I would send her mine as a gift.

She was quite surprised by this! So I explained about the Karma Class, and also that my Dive Computer was now fixed – so in fact, giving her this watch was a small thing.

I haven’t heard from her since.

So what do you think? Does she just not want a second-hand watch? Does she think I’m a weirdo and is reluctant to give me her postal address? Or was she a very credible Identity Fraudster and I have had a lucky escape?!


M4GD said...

There is no single plausible explanation for this. It a may be a Yes to all of your three questions. I’m qualifying this with a note: I’m not implying you are a weirdo. You are fine. Some people are not used to ‘receiving’ that is all. It freaks them out. So, it is an issue for them not you. Other possibilities: She could be away, forgot about it, or somebody else stepped in and helped, or…or…. The most important thing in all of this is your pure intent on giving her the watch as an unconditional gift. You’ve done your bit. You’ve done well! The rest is outside of your control. Let it go:-)

Ppparkaboy said...

Quite a riddle wrapped inside an enigma etc etc... And as M4GD has said, it's impossible to know for sure...... However, the uber sceptic in me can't help but think you've been had, and that you were indeed very fortunate.

But true or not, I know that feeling victim to plausible people is easily done. It's happened to me a few times (though never to my financial cost) and you're always left wondering, how they hell I did let that happen??

Anyways, it's cool that you're getting pinged people's life stories left and right... but I'd encourage you to adopt greater emotional detatchment at the same time. I like to be nosey, but I like to remain a bit aloof as much as poss too.

Also, make sure that's the last time you give a stranger your bank account!! Someone else once thought it was no drama, and they soon learn different (though I'm not implying you're an ignoramus like Jeremy Clarkson!!)

Mat said...

People are busy. Maybe she'll get back to you. :)