Sunday, September 16, 2007


Just got all excited: someone left a comment on my blog! "What could it be?" I mused. The name was unfamilier - so it's not just one of my friends leaving a 'sympathy comment' (not that I get many of those). It's a stranger! Someone, that I don't know, has checked-out my blog (wow) and it has inspired them to think something! Something that they wish to communicate. Fantastic! I didn't look at it straight away - I had some emails to reply to, so I decided to do that first and save the mysterious comment for later.

Just checked it out. It was a link to an adult videos website. Life is full of cruel disappointments. Blogging is standing on a big stage in a dark auditorium - talking blithely to the darkness.


botogol said...

Jane, Blogging is like a garden

I am still here, and still reading!

Mat said...

Do it because you want to/love to/need to. We're still here enjoying it (quietly). :)

outside-jane said...

I do enjoy it! I just like to have a little whine occasionally!