Sunday, February 04, 2007


"Excuse me sir! You want to go sailing?"
"Sailing trip sir? very good price!"
"ba, duuuh huh" [wobble stagger]
"Oh sir [sigh] Ok sir, no sailing for you today. But you had a good night, I am thinking?" [smiles]
"Huh, raaaa, a huh, guh" [chuckles]
"Ok sir, this way! No sir! You live this way, Grand Pacifico, this way!" [pointing]
"Gra n Pa-i-co! Huh, wa?"
"Yes sir, I speak with you before sir, yesterday! You remember? You say maybe you come sailing today [sad smile] but maybe you come tomorrow sir?"
"Wa huh" [nodding]
"This way sir, you want I help you?"
"Huh uh" [stumble fumble]
"Oh! [laughing] no sir! There is no charge for walking sir! But maybe you remember me? My name Torek, yes? Maybe sailing tomorrow! [sigh] This way sir"

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