Friday, October 06, 2006

Shiney New Tattoo, Part I

It has started! I went in yesterday and spent a joyful 3 hours having a needle repeatedly punched into my back... not for vanity you understand! Oh no, I did it for Art [ha!]

It hurt! I had forgotten how much it hurt! Boo! My last [proper] tattoo was 12 years ago! And since then I have been oh-so-blasé about it: "oh no," I say glibly "it doesn't really hurt, it's just uncomfortable!"

I take it all back: uncomfortable my arse, it hurts!

As I lay there, hurting [did I mention it hurt?] I can't help but wonder what on earth I am doing! The truth is, I'm not sure. Is it a need to be scarred? Is it individualism in extremis? In the 21st Century uniforms are still prevalent - but I don't think many take pride in them anymore. These days real kudos is granted only to those who look 'different'. But there's only so far most of us can go - I don't design my own clothes - so even if I visit lesser known shops there will always be someone wearing the same t-shirt. There will always be someone with my haircut or my trainers... but now perhaps I can be certain there will be absolutely no-one with my tattoo! Is that why I spent 3 hours gritting my teeth?! If so, I feel slightly ashamed at my own vanity!

Although, I wasn't completely jesting earlier when I said it is also about Art. What better canvas than the human form? What more can you do to demonstrate your loyalty to the Aesthetic than to have something beautiful etched into your body? [smile]

Or perhaps it is nothing more than glorified make-up. Just decoration - a grown-up version of face painting!

Either way, I have three weeks to think about it, before I return for my next bout of Kafkaesque redemption!

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Anonymous said...

When she finds out, your mother will NOT be pleased! I certainly won't be the first to tell her.