Sunday, September 17, 2006

a conversation

"So why did you break-up?"
"I left some CDs in his car and he didn't tell me."
"He didn't mention it."
"You broke up for that! What do you mean?"
"I left 3 CDs in his car. They were old ones so I didn't realise until a couple of weeks later. It took me a while to work out where they'd be, but eventually I remembered I'd last played them when we went away for the weekend"
"and what? He denied having them?"
"No! When I asked him he just said, 'oh yeah, they were in my car.' I said 'where are they now?' because, you see, I've been in his car a few times since then and I hadn't seen them. He said 'they're at my flat,' I said 'oh!'
I was waiting for an explanation, you know? For him to say 'oh sorry, I completely forgot I had them' or 'I've been meaning to bring them over' or 'I took them out of my car so they wouldn't get nicked.' I don't know - something!"
"So what did he say?"
"Nothing! Nothing at all! I said I'd pick them up next time I came round and he said 'ok'"
"So what happened? He wouldn't give them back?"
"No! It's just that I was expecting, since I'd reminded him, that he would make the effort to return them to me. But he didn't. A few days later I went over to his place and he didn't mention it. I really thought he would say something! But he didn't. So finally, as I was leaving, I asked about them. He said they were on the shelf, so I went and looked - two of them were amongst all his CDs, the third was in the stereo!"
"So he'd been playing it?"
"Exactly! Which means he hadn't forgotten he had them! He knew he had them! He liked them! And he was trying to keep them! That's theft!"
"Theft?! I don't know about that! It's a bit rude..."
"It's Date-Theft!"
"Theft, is a little strong!"
"Date-Theft! I haven't seen him since."

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