Saturday, May 19, 2007

Door to Beach

A Photographic Blog: a series of photos taken between my place and the beach, starting with the view from my balcony.

Leaving the building...

This little boy was very interested in me taking photos and passed by on his bike a few times! He was too shy to speak to me, however!

My neighbour keeps [and trains] fighting cockerels. Terrifying birds [grin] but thankfully not as noisy as the ones in Malapascua.

Men at Work! They're building a new drain under the street. Will be nice - there was an open ditch there before - not pleasant on a warm day!

This 'Lagoon' [that's what they call it!] also smells! And someone is building a very posh-looking restaurant right next to it! Does the Developer not know?!

This is The Road!

A food stall... could even call it a drive-thru food stall!

Yes indeed! We do have a ferris wheel... kind of! It's smaller than most houses!

A "barhoop" seller [I am not sure of the spelling]. It's a health drink, which I think is made from Soya. It's popular in the morning and you hear the sellers walking the streets, calling out "BarHOOOOOP"!



  1. Anonymous20/5/07 23:22

    excellent post, good to be able to imagine you there.

  2. Anonymous21/5/07 21:20

    You missed the pic where you're crammed in a tube train with your face in someone's armpit? A trip to work isn't a commute without one?

  3. Anonymous30/5/07 15:01

    Cool to see where you're living. Lovin the palm trees with the blue sea behind them. Nicsxx

  4. Anonymous13/3/08 14:13

    barhoop! :D

    that's a nice way of saying it. you must probably mean Taho. i hope you tried it and liked it! :D

  5. It is taho. But I can see how it could sound a bit like barhoop, the way they shout it in that long drawn out way. They come past my house every morning at the crack of dawn.